Orlando Business Lawyer

Orlando Business Lawyer

At Ben Rust Law, we are your go-to Orlando business law experts. We know that it can be overwhelming to start and run your own business because we’ve been there. That is why we want to help ease the process for you.

We want to assist Orlando small businesses to beat the odds and thrive in an economy that can sometimes make that difficult.

In addition to applying our business tools and models to managing our own law practice, we are dedicated to helping small business owners and investors innovate to meet any new and unique challenges they may face. 

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Let Ben Rust be your Orlando business lawyer, today.

We offer Orlando business law and litigation services including:

  1. Business Succession Planning
  2. Commercial Litigation
  3. Transactions
  4. Business Purchase and Sales
  5. Corporate Entity Formation
  6. Contract Negotiation

As you can see, our legal services cover a wide variety of topics all to better help serve you and your business’s legal needs.

“I want to thank Law Offices of Benjamin D. Rust team for helping with my case. The whole team was friendly and professional throughout the process and made me feel comfortable in an uncomfortable situation.” 

-James A. 

Why You Should Hire A Business Lawyer

Not sure if you need to hire a business lawyer?

At Ben Rust Law, we want every business in Central Florida, big or small, to have every legal advantage at their disposal. Hiring a business attorney can be the difference between your business being a success or a failure.

Our goal is to reduce the risk of starting your own business and the ensuing business transactions. We want to ensure that you are complying with all laws and regulations; by not doing so you may expose your business to unnecessary liability.

In owning your own business you may be vulnerable to a myriad of lawsuits. Whether you are the damaged party or the defendant we are here to guide you through the proper legal channels and to ease your burden.

The more people you add to your business (executives, investors, shareholders, employees, board members, etc.) the more complex the contracts and legalities get. We not only negotiate the contract on your behalf but also make sure that rights, obligations, and expectations are properly and clearly outlined in order to limit the probability of future disputes.

We also facilitate the purchase and sale of businesses and the formation of corporate entities.

As your Orlando business lawyer, Ben Rust will help you navigate the complexities of business law.

If you are in need of other legal services, we can also be your real estate attorney, or personal injury lawyer in Orlando.

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